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Pearl of wisdom definition is - a wise word or statement —often humorous. How to use pearl of wisdom in a sentence. English[edit]. Noun[edit]. pearl of wisdom (plural pearls of wisdom). (idiomatic, often sarcastic) A succinct, insightful saying, piece of advice, or moral precept.

Pearls of wisdom definition: People describe what someone says as pearls of wisdom to suggest that it is wise or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. Wisdom quotes, sayings. Spiritual inspirational. quotes & stories for soul growth, self empowerment. Native American; Buddhism; Women; Song Lyrics; Peace;. Pearls of Wisdom - some particularly apt quotations and quotes that may well qualify as pearls of wisdom. A piece of valuable advice. The phrase is sometimes used sarcastically.

The old woman shared her pearls of wisdom with the struggling teen, in the hopes of. Pearls of wisdom: The world's wisest quotes. SINCE the Nobel Prize has been the hallmark of genius and its laureates such as Einstein. Pearls of Wisdom: Quotations to Stimulate Your Mind, Heart, and Soul [Keith Adams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Selected as a. Pearls of Wisdom are forging materials that can be used at an Enchanted Forge to unlock a fourth stat on gear. If a fourth stat is already present, the pearl will. a wise word or statement He offered some pearls of wisdom about raising children. —often humorous A crowd of reporters gathered around the coach after the.


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